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red, WRITE & blue

mac & murphy along with Jess Riley PR and Twin Muses have teamed up with Adopt A US Soldier to honor active US military personnel. Adopt A US Soldier is a volunteer-based organization that connects supportive Americans (that's you!) with deployed soldiers and offers a channel by which to communicate encouragement and express gratitude to the brave men and women serving our country.

here's how it works:

1) stop into mac & murphy (74.5 cannon street) september 3 - september 10 and receive 10% off select letterpress and greeting cards

2) write a letter communicating encouragement, gratitude or try your luck at a witty joke...whatever you think will make a soldier's day

3) take a moment to write your message while in the store (you can sit in our writing garden!) or just drop your card back off at mac & murphy by september 10, and we'll take care of postage/shipping

its that easy.

**all cards will be shipped on September 11, 2009**

please join in this effort to share the love....

liz macpherson & ami murphy

In this picture from left to right:
top left: Specialist Jesus Castro
top right: Private First Class Phillip Groves
bottom left: Staff Sergeant Oscar Ruiz
bottom right: Private First Class Eric Soto

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